It’s feeling all Xmas


Feeling so Christmas-y recently, and I love these photos. I can’t really say much about the actual photography as I used a filter, but I think the photos look really nice and maybe a bit vintage.

I don’t know what I’m knitting, I’m just going to keep going until something appears 🙂

I love my new mug from the 99p store, it’s big for a tea-lover. I also love my new mittens (top right) from Primark 🙂


Night Graffiti


It’s been such a long time since my last post, almost a month. I guess with the Christmas exams and the lead-up to Christmas and just being busy with school stress had pushed my blog aside a little.

These photos are light graffiti, but in the car on the way home. It was around 5:00pm in these photos, which isn’t surprising considering it’s getting darker earlier.
I love all of these photos, especially the colours in the last from a moving bus.IMG_1705    IMG_1695


IMG_1414 A few mornings ago I took this photo before going to school. I love the silhouette of the photo, and the robin especially. I also like the slight gradient as the background which is plain and simple. If I could change something, it would probably be going outside to take it instead of being inside, although you can’t really tell too much. IMG_1412 I really love this photo because of the lighting. It could be much  better quality, but I like the fact you get the shed roof in, and the lights and trees and faint silhouettes and stuff. I like photos like this 🙂

IMG_1424This leads me nicely onto this photo,which has similar lighting. The foreground is blurry and the focus is on the shape of the trees. I love this photo, and the orange sky is a really nice touch 🙂

Light Graffiti


In my Photography class we’ve been doing light graffiti recently, so I thought I’d give it a go on my own.
It went surprisingly well with my Canon, especially as I had never tried this before. The photos I took at home were annoyingly better than the ones I took at school, but I enjoy giving it a go. 🙂
What I love about this photo is that the lines are thick and simple, creating a nice looking infinity sign. The trail off of the torch is actually quite a nice effect, but the camera moved, making the carpet slightly blurry.

This photo is my favourite, probably because it looks pretty. 🙂
I love the light in the middle, as it makes the infinity looks like it has a jewel in the middle. IMG_1395I’d prefer to get rid of the trail off in this one, but at the time I didn’t actually think to turn off the torch before I took it away :).
I like this because of the thin lines, they make the infinity sign look a bit more ‘girly’. This makes the photo look less graffiti and more personal.

This photo was the first I tried, after trying so desperately to get the hand of the camera settings. It’s a simple one, but it looks lovely, like a ribbon.
From one point of view, IMG_1330it looks like the light is coming from the TV stand, which wasn’t my intention but looks nice.
If I was putting in a specific effort with this photo, I would have tried to get a darker background and less of the living room interior, as nice as it looks. This was only a tester though.
I kind of get the jist of how some desktop backgrounds are made, if they are made like this.

5th November Moon

IMG_1402            IMG_1399

The moon on Fireworks night was more stunning than the fireworks themselves, full and lighting up the whole sky alone.

I think these photos are amazing because of the clouds in the first, and the contrast in the second. The clouds look so staged it doesn’t look real, but it’s normal and taken from a bedroom window.

The second picture is so bold and bright, with an affective contrast. I think this makes the photo.

Photographer’s Block


On my Blogspot, I wrote about photographer’s block. I’ll just post a bit about photographer’s block here. I didn’t just want to post this on it’s own, so I put this photo of when I went out to play on Tuesday.

Photographer’s block is very very frustrating, but I think it may have
something to do with the fact I have been vlogging rather than taking photos. But I am not posting any vlogs yet.


Sun Rise

IMG_0217I was awoken at 6:57 this morning by this stunning view of the sun. I love this I picture on so many levels, and must have taken about 10 that look similar.

What I love about this photo is the levels. There is a clear difference between the different grounds, and each one is raised. I quite like the middle ground because it sets apart the sun and the trees below.

I think it’s lovely that you see half of the sun, because half of the sun is actually visible and we can see it emitting light. I think the clouds at the top of the photo play a big part in it too. This is because the top layer of clouds creates almost an opening as to where the sun ‘peaks out’, if thats understandable.

The mountain things in the background almost look like the sea, which I love because it makes the photo look nicer. Although its not actually the sea, I think this creates a good affect.

If I could change anything about this it would probably be the steadiness and centering of the actual picture. This, or I wait patiently for the clouds to fill up and look perfect.