Todd McLellan

When Todd McLellan was a child in Saskatoon, he disassembled an old stereo his father brought home one day. His compulsion was logical as his dad’s occupation was a carpenter, his mother’s was a technician. McLellan, now a Toronto-based commercial photographer, used an old rotary phone and, after leaving it plugged into his wall for a few months, took it to his studio to try his style of photography. Despite his passion, nobody saw the beauty in what he saw. He took it apart even more, and dropped them from the ceiling. The resulting photographs—bits and pieces from parts of phones and other mechanical things—are making McLellan famous.


Todd McLellan’s work reminds me of work by Karla Gerard. Although one is a photographer and the other is a young artist, and as small as the link may be, the structure and layout of their work looks similar.

when things come apart   Photography by Todd McLellankarla gerardArt by Karla Gerard


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