Slinkachu Project 1- Nintendo Figures

IMG_2364 Slinkachu-Style Photography


IMG_2397 My photography homework for Christmas was to do photography in the style of Slinkachu. While these photos of Nintendo figures I brought for stop motion a while ago are placed in the interior and around the exterior of a Mondeo, I attempted to capture the perspective. These photos were a bit annoying to capture in terms of using the camera, but overall I like the first three photos.


The last three photos could have been improved, but I like the concept of the figure pushing the tire.

(I think I got a few looks from people on the street wondering what I was doing.)



One thought on “Slinkachu Project 1- Nintendo Figures

  1. All of these attempts at Slinkachu photography are absolutely excellent- the ones that are particularly effective are where you have experimented with scale. For example when the little man is underneath the wheel of the car. The images of the soldiers and the Christmas house are rather sinister!


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